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MASHABLE: HOW TO: Use Game Mechanics to Power Your Business

In this How-To, Shane Snow, author of Inside Foursquare: Checking In Before the Party Started, teams with Phin Barnes to analyze game play mechanics and how they apply to your strategy.

Many of the “games” being built in this flurry, however, are certainly not going to be fun. Many will distract the user from the core value proposition of the application or service. At worst, copycat “game mechanics” will quickly become annoying and trite — destroying value for users and creators alike.

MASHABLE: RIM Previews Blackberry 6 and MobileMe-Like Service

Christina Warren reviews RIM’s latest reveal of Blackberry 6.

In fact, in this second preview, almost all of the interface elements appear to be touch-based. There is even a new virtual keyboard on display that looks similar to what the iPhone sports, as well as support for pinch zoom. This makes us think that RIM is planning to launch a new line of touchscreen BlackBerry devices.

SCOBLEIZER: Why I can’t kick the Apple iPhone habit

Robert Scoble has been vocal with his disappointment with the new iPhone and its reception issues. Still, he cannot pull himself away. In this article he explains why.

So, why am I more productive on iPhones than on Android?
It came down to small things that I’ve noticed. For one, each app works more consistently. On Seesmic on Android, for instance, I could scroll to the top of its window by clicking a red bar. On every iPhone app that happens by clicking the top bar. On EVERY app. On Android it isn’t in the same place, or with the same command.

LAUGHING SQUID: EpicWin, Turning A Todo List App Into a Role Playing Game

Tie this video back to the Mashable article above and see how this app developer adds game mechanics to your to do list.

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