Instagrammed: 15 Minutes of Fame

I keep what I consider to be a fairly modest profile online. Most of the content I create and share publicly is professional and I keep the more personal content on my Facebook account with strictly monitored privacy settings. So when I posted a picture of the Pier 29 fire yesterday to Twitter, via Instagram, I didn’t think much of it. The throngs of people watching the fire were doing the same. Then I received the following email.

Instagram shared my picture on Twitter to their 5.5+ million followers. The following 18 or so hours my iPhone was a steady barrage of alerts from mentions, retweets and likes. Here are the results as they stand today.

My Instagram circle consists mostly of friends, coworkers and a couple of brands.

    • New Likes: 59
    • New followers: 19

I use Twitter mostly to discuss professional news and conduct some personal interactions.

    • New Mentions: +130
    • New followers: 19

My blog is another professional outlet consisting mostly of mobile industry news. Since it is listed on my Twitter account I thought to check Google Analytics and I’m glad I did. Surprisingly the most popular browser was Android, driving over 60% of the pageviews.

    • 8x increase over average traffic

Klout Score
I still have some reservations about Klout due to the secrecy behind their algorithm. Still, my score generally hovers around 51 – 52 and it shot up in the last 24 hours.

    • 68 (a 17 point increase)

While this is an imperceivable ripple for most sites, it’s a sizable change to my online footprint. While I do not expect to keep a lot of these new followers, it will be interesting to see how many of them stay.