The Quick

I am often asked what value mobile Web platforms, like Netbiscuits, offer with HTML 5 looming on the horizon. Just today a large CPG asked for help positioning our solution to their various brand managers around the world. Here is my response.


“Marketing is putting together a short deck on how Netbiscuits works with HTML 5, not against it. Our primary stance is that as developers explore using an HTML 5 strategy for mobile the complexity grows rapidly. The number of JS libraries and toolkits required to service the increasingly fragmented market using a yet to be finalized standard becomes almost unmanageable. And when you spread this across multiple divisions in a large organization such as yours, inconsistencies and variations grow exponentially.

By using our platform (which works with HTML 5,) your mobile strategy stays consistent across the board and avoids having each division splintering off with its own home-grown solution.”


As the title implies this is just a quick response to a very complicated issue. More to come soon.