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Nuzzel on iPhone 6 and iPad Air

Chris Sacca’s recent post, What Twitter Could Be, has now made the rounds, but in my first reading I scanned over his paragraph on Nuzzel. It took a separate post from Frederico Viticci at MacStories┬áto really grab my attention and download the app.

That was 15 minutes ago and I am blown away. This is a terrific way to organize, display and consume content on Twitter. It is now on the home screen of my iPhone and iPad.

From Chris Sacca’s post –

Nuzzel makes Twitter better.

Want to know what are the most popular articles linked to on Twitter? That should be a channel. What are the most popular sites linked among the people we follow or people that our friends follow? Great channel. Which books are people Tweeting about? Channel. Which videos are garnering the most attention? Channel. Any particular .gifs blowing up? Channel.

Get Nuzzel.

iTunes link.