It was the second semester of my senior year at Wake Forest in 1998, when we did a case study on Jeff Hawkins and the first PalmPilot, Personal Digital Assistant. The text of the case study was interesting, but it was the moment when our professor passed around his own PalmPilot that I was hooked.

All it took was a little creativity with my limited funds as a college student, and I was able to purchase a PalmPilot Professional. I quickly learned the text input method and started to download apps from some of the first apps stores. At my first job I was known as the go-to guy whenever someone bought a new mobile device.

After a couple of years of mastering the device and offering advice on usage and apps, I decided to see if I could make my interest my career. In early 2000 I emailed my resume to PalmHandspring and AvantGo telling each of them I would be in the Bay Area in the coming weeks and I would like to meet with them. AvantGo wrote back. Three months later I drove from North Carolina to the Bay Area, to start my new career in mobile, and my new life in San Francisco.

It has been an adventure to say the least, and my career has taken me places I never expected. This blog is an manifestation of my career and general interest in everything mobile. I hope you enjoy it.

Kemp Mullaney