Growing Your Small Business with DudaMobile

From a career perspective joining DudaMobile has been the most personally satisfying job I’ve ever held. There’s an indescribable feeling you get when you see a small business owner light-up the first time they see their mobile site on a smartphone.

But even more impressive is when they share how their mobile sites have helped them grow. We published a few success stories that I feel are worth sharing. I pulled some highlights below and linked to the full articles.


Galata Bistro

Read more here.

“We get around 200 visits a month to our mobile site, which means lots of people are getting a chance to check out our menu and catering services.”

“Every day we’re getting phone calls to our restaurant right from our mobile site. Click-to-Call is a great feature.”

Windmill Animal Hospital

Read more here.

  • Average of 50 calls per month from their mobile website.
  • Able to better prioritize incoming customer inquiries via Click-to-Text.
  • Witnessed explosive growth due to implementation of mobile web practices that led Windmill vet to surpass their 6-year business plan in 3 months.

In addition to our direct services, our reseller program is helping agencies of all sizes lower production time for mobile solutions and win new customers. You can read our Reseller Case Studies for Seasites and ITBYUS here.

That’s all for now. I’ll be sure to share more stories as they become available.


The Quick

I am often asked what value mobile Web platforms, like Netbiscuits, offer with HTML 5 looming on the horizon. Just today a large CPG asked for help positioning our solution to their various brand managers around the world. Here is my response.


“Marketing is putting together a short deck on how Netbiscuits works with HTML 5, not against it. Our primary stance is that as developers explore using an HTML 5 strategy for mobile the complexity grows rapidly. The number of JS libraries and toolkits required to service the increasingly fragmented market using a yet to be finalized standard becomes almost unmanageable. And when you spread this across multiple divisions in a large organization such as yours, inconsistencies and variations grow exponentially.

By using our platform (which works with HTML 5,) your mobile strategy stays consistent across the board and avoids having each division splintering off with its own home-grown solution.”


As the title implies this is just a quick response to a very complicated issue. More to come soon.

Tactile is Here

Last month at SXSW we launched Tactile, our development platform for smartphones, tablets and beyond. Today we close the beta and released v1.0. From the press release,

“…Tactile simplifies development and deployment complexities while reducing the time and cost of publishing and maintaining high-quality/rich user experiences for today’s feature-packed, gesture-driven devices.”

Netbiscuits Tactile delivers four main benefits:

  • Tactile Markup replaces a large portion of JavaScript, reducing the size and complexity of the code without compromising the user experience.
  • Large number of ‘out of the box,’ cross platform optimized display and behavior effects and events.
  • Device Information Services provide device characteristics from the device and from NB Testing Intelligence to all touch points of a web application – At the edge enhancing redirection decisions, at the backend systems allowing for specific device-class computing and at the client side for native user experience.
  • Tactile’s HTML5 framework allows developers to extend the JavaScript library at all layers – from kernel to UI components- or using CSS Preprocessor capabilities.
  • Follow the links below for product information, including developer guides, FAQ’s, supported device lists and more.

    Tactile site –
    Tactile Explorer (for mobile devices) –
    Knowledge Base –
    List of Supported Devices –
    Tactile Release Notes –
    Developer FAQ –

    HowToGoMo with Netbiscuits

    Last week Netbiscuits proudly announced our partnership with Google as part of their GoMo initiative. showcases several of our customers and highlights mobile best practices. In addition to case studies, best practices and tools at, visitors are eligible for an exclusive two-month free trial of our award winning mobilization platform. Sign up for the free trial at here using the promo code GOMOWITHNB.

    For more on mobile advertising be sure to read Google Mobile Ads blog.

    Read more on our press release here.

    Netbiscuits World 2011 Wrap-up

    Earlier this month we hosted Netbiscuits World 2011 at Soho House in New York City. The gathering of publishers, retailers and brands was an enormous success. Highlights include:

  • Philippe Browning of CBS highlighting how they have seen 2X growth on each site they have migrated to the Netbiscuits platform.
  • Adobe/Omniture’s Roger Woods, ComScore’s Hans Fredericks and Webtrends Mike Ricci provided high-level insight on how to measure for the mobile web and mobile apps.
  • Google’s Jesse Haines gave an exclusive sneak preview of Google’s new mobile program for small and medium sized businesses set to launch in the coming days.
  • Adam Schneider of Microsoft TAG revealed that over 576,000 scans were secured in a recent issue of Allure Magazine.
  • During our panel on Mobile Monetization, Sportsman’s Guide’s Dale Monson reveals how since switching to Netbiscuits 4 months ago, their mobile sales have gone from $6K a month to more than $80K a month!
  • The replay of our speakers and discussions can be seen here.

    Mobile Optimized Sites Will Increase Online Sales

    Last week KISSmetrics released an infographic on the importance of mobile optimized commerce sites. While the increase in mobile traffic is not news, KISSmetrics does highlight some interesting statistics.

    Research suggests that, on average, website visitors are 51% (1/2) more likely to do business with an online retailer if it has a mobile site.

    This comes on the heals of a report by Keynote Systems, Inc on how optimizations Sears made to their mobile site are responsible for reduced load times and an increase in the number of page loads for mobile customers.

    With all the articles and analytics being done around m commerce, this holiday season could be m commerce’s big break.

    Additional Article:
    The Internet Retailer Survey: Mobile Commerce
    Internet Retailer

    The survey shows only 24.1% of merchants operate a mobile commerce site and only 16.4% have both an m-commerce site and mobile apps designed for specific devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, Android handsets or BlackBerry phones. But for merchants that are already active in m-commerce, a mobile-optimized e-commerce site and apps that enable consumers to complete transactions from mobile devices are beginning to generate business, and in some instances significant revenue.

    [Disclaimer: Sears is a Netbiscuits client.]

    Recommended Reading: HTML 5, Instagram, Mango and More HTML App
    Windows Phone 7.5 Mango review

    While Windows Phone still needs a glass of water to get rid of a few hiccups — and let’s face it, every mobile OS has plenty of their own — it ironed out a lot of the wrinkles from earlier versions and made it a much more feature-laden, user-friendly experience. With Mango, WP7 has caught up with Android and iOS in nearly every way, and in some areas it’s even surpassed the other two in functionality.

    Shopkick By The Numbers: 700M Product Views; 7M Product Scans; 2.3M Users In The Past Year

    Since the application’s launch in August 2010, Shopkick has seen a whopping 700 million product views, and the startup expects to pass 1 billion product views this year. There have been over 2 million physical walk-ins to stores (which are measured from the shopkick signal device installed at the store). The device is installed at 3000 large stores and 250 malls now.

    Instagram signs up a new user every second

    In the end, [CEO Kevin] Systrom said that the company sees Instagram as providing not just photos but “short entertainment experiences” that can connect users with their friends but also with brands. And the Instagram CEO said that the company is looking ahead to when it can provide more than just an iPhone app — with the near-term focus on both an Android app and a web-based version of the service.

    PayPal Predicts Major Spike in Mobile Shopping on Thanksgiving Day
    PayPal Blog
    (Disclosure: PayPal is a Netbiscuits client)

    It’s called “couch commerce” and 2011 will mark the first year it will really affect retailers. We’re predicting that after dinner on Thanksgiving Day will be the first mobile shopping spike this holiday season. Retailers looking to lure these early holiday shoppers should think about extending offers and deals to these mobile buyers.

    Who wins the HTML5 vs. apps debate?
    Mobile Marketer

    Mr. Broitman also said that there will be no App Store by 2015.

    “I do strongly believe that the iTunes App Store is identical to what AOL was when it first got people online,” said Adam Broitman, partner and ringleader at, New York.

    Financial Times finds life outside the App Store pretty good so far

    [ Managing Director Rob] Grimshaw said the app is also better at getting users to engage than the desktop version of the website. He told Reuters that FT web app users “are consuming about three times as many pages through the app as they are through the desktop in an average visit.”

    Recommended Reading & Viewing: Google’s Mobile Push and The History of the Smartphone

    Google: Mobile Search to play important role in holiday shopping
    Mobile Commerce Daily


    Google’s research shows that number of queries via mobile grew nearly three times from 2009 to 2011 and continues to escalate.
    Despite the growth in mobile, 79 percent of Google’s largest advertisers still do not have a mobile site.

    Additionally, 61 percent of user who have looked up a local business on their smartphone have called that business and 59 percent have visited it.
    Mobile can also drive in-store activity, with 65 percent of smartphone users who have used their phone to find a nearby business also making a purchase.

    Google Says Mobile Optimized Sites Will Factor Into Landing Page Quality And Perform Better In AdWords


    The company says that last year it began to limit ad serving on smartphone devices if they pointed to landing pages with Flash-heavy content, in order to improve the experience for users. Now the search giant will be considering the mobile optimization of a website as a new factor of mobile ads quality for all AdWords campaigns that are driving mobile traffic.

    Smartphone Evolution Over the Last 40 Years [Infographic]

    Disclosure: Google is a Netbiscuits client.

    Time Flies When You’re Having ‘Biscuits

    It’s been a couple months since my last post, and there’s a good reason. After a whirlwind courtship I accepted the position of Senior Account Manager at Netbiscuits. The last few weeks have been absolutely incredible. With each passing day I am increasingly impressed with our team, products and clients. A little bit about Netbiscuits:

    The Netbiscuits mobile publishing platform serves over 8 billion mobile pages/month, processes over $150 million/month in mobile commerce, and has been winning mobile awards since 2001. Clients like eBay, Universal, Time, Sears, and MTV among hundreds of others depend on the Netbiscuits platform for their mobile presence. Netbiscuits is the most secure, scalable, and ultimately cost effective solution for any brand that wants a robust mobile presence.

    Since I joined the team back in May, we have had a couple of huge announcements. The first came from Gartner in late June:

    Netbiscuits, the world’s leading cloud software service for cross-platform mobile sites and apps, announced today that it has been positioned in the “Visionaries” quadrant of the 2011 update to the “Magic Quadrant for Mobile Consumer Application Platforms” published by Gartner, Inc. analysts William Clark, Michael J. King on June 22, 2011.

    Then just last week one of our clients, CBS Interactive, won a Meffy:

    CBS Interactive today announced that it has won a 2011 Meffys Award for the Best Mobile Website for ( The Meffys are the most established and coveted global awards in the mobile media industry. As the industry’s official benchmark for measuring success and rewarding innovation, the Meffys honor the most influential players from around the world

    I am proud to be a part of this team and look forward to developing our existing accounts as well as building new ones. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to email me at