It’s Here – iOS 7

iOS 7
iOS 7

It’s here and the most noticeable affect is the instant aging of any apps that have not been updated.

On the whole I’m very happy with the update, though I have only had it for a few hours. I have two complaints worth noting.

1. I find myself accidentally activating Spotlight search a fair bit. This may be the result of lazy swiping on my part.

2. Folders are designed to take on the background color which almost causes them to blend into the background (especially on the iPad.) While not a functional issue, it’s an aesthetic I’ll just have to get used to in iOS 7.

iOS 7 Folders on the iPad
iOS 7 Folders on the iPad

So far I haven’t experienced any issue with the update on my iPhone 5 or my iPad 4. This looks like another win for Apple.

Growing Your Small Business with DudaMobile

From a career perspective joining DudaMobile has been the most personally satisfying job I’ve ever held. There’s an indescribable feeling you get when you see a small business owner light-up the first time they see their mobile site on a smartphone.

But even more impressive is when they share how their mobile sites have helped them grow. We published a few success stories that I feel are worth sharing. I pulled some highlights below and linked to the full articles.


Galata Bistro

Read more here.

“We get around 200 visits a month to our mobile site, which means lots of people are getting a chance to check out our menu and catering services.”

“Every day we’re getting phone calls to our restaurant right from our mobile site. Click-to-Call is a great feature.”

Windmill Animal Hospital

Read more here.

  • Average of 50 calls per month from their mobile website.
  • Able to better prioritize incoming customer inquiries via Click-to-Text.
  • Witnessed explosive growth due to implementation of mobile web practices that led Windmill vet to surpass their 6-year business plan in 3 months.

In addition to our direct services, our reseller program is helping agencies of all sizes lower production time for mobile solutions and win new customers. You can read our Reseller Case Studies for Seasites and ITBYUS here.

That’s all for now. I’ll be sure to share more stories as they become available.


2012 Year in Review: Duda’s Greatest Moments

2013 is off to a great start, but as is common this time of year, Duda’s CEO, Itai Sadan, put together this great summary of 2012. It was a banner year for Duda, and great things are in line for 2013. We wouldn’t be where we are without our customers and resellers. We assembled 12 of our favorite mobile site from 2012 here.

I’ve been on board for just about a month, and while the learning curve has been steep, it’s also been eye-opening. There will be a lot more to talk about in the coming months.

Wishing you the best in 2013,


New gig: DudaMobile

I’m happy to announce that I have taken a new position at DudaMobile! As Partner Sales Manager I will be working to bring on new distribution partners and resellers of our platform.

DudaMobile is working to bring the mobile web to all. Now everyone from small business owners to web developers to resellers can quickly develop rich mobile web sites.

Here’s how it works.

Head to and plug in your URL. The platform then does the heavy lifting of reviewing your site and optimizing it for mobile browsing. Your logo, images, and pages are all updated for mobile on the fly.

Once the platform is done, you are presented with a feature-rich editor; change the navigation, update the color scheme, move and edit pictures and text. It’s all there. We also provide integrations with popular services like Twitter and YouTube.

Once you’re set, you publish your site, set-up a redirect and you are good to go! Your mobile site will stay in sync with your existing site.

And all of this is free.

If you opt for the premium service we add features like click-to-call and integrations with OpenTable, Google AdSense, Yelp, PayPal, and more.

Additional services include our own professional services team, Hire a Pro and marketing services with our Search Advertising experts.

For resellers we have a comprehensive package that includes training, private labeled tools, support and discounted pricing.

The more I use the platform the more it impresses me and I am looking forward to working with the team. If you want to learn more, please email me at

Mobile Commerce Recap

Black Friday proved shoppers are increasingly mobile.

Smartphone-Only Mobile Commerce Up 221% On Thanksgiving, Up 128% On Black Friday

The company says that it saw a 221% year-over-year increase in Thanksgiving mobile sales on Thanksgiving Day, with visits up 103%, pageviews up 133%, average order value up 19%.


The Rise of Mobile Shopping
Mashable [Infographic]

Mobile shopping is on the rise as smart phones proliferate, and retailers are taking note, catering to a tech-savvy consumer base who wants a seamless shopping experience. Check out the infographic below to see the trends in mobile shopping.


IBM: iPad owned 88% of Black Friday online shopping from tablets

The big kahuna in the mobile shopping landscape: the iPad. Apple’s tablet “generated more traffic than any other tablet or smartphone, reaching nearly 10 percent of online shopping,” according to IBM’s report.


PayPal Black Friday mobile transactions increase 193pc
Mobile Commerce Daily

On Thanksgiving, eBay saw a 133 percent increase in mobile volume transacted compared to last year, while PayPal confirmed Thanksgiving Day resulted in more than a 2.5-fold – 173 percent increase – in global mobile payment volume compared to 2011.


Netbiscuits World 2012

Our annual conference is next week in NYC. Registration is free, so join us and hear about mobile strategies from industry leaders.

Netbiscuits World 2012 – New York City, USA

Our annual event for the mobile industry in New York City

Once again, Netbiscuits is bringing together some of today’s most successful and influential mobile marketers and decision makers for Netbiscuits World U.S. 2012, presented by Corbus.

This year’s gathering, at the W Union Square in New York City, will feature engaging discussions and revealing presentations that highlight how our clients and partners are using the Netbiscuits Platform to create, deliver and optimize deeply engaging web apps for all connected devices.

Presenters this year include executives from Coca Cola, Conde Nast and Sportsman’s Guide. We are also conducting a series of technical/developer sessions that will provide a deeper look at how to leverage the full power and performance of the Netbiscuits Platform.

Sponsoring this year’s event are CorbusMindtreeHintTech and BSIL.

For more information about the event or to capitalize on our remaining sponsorship opportunities, please contact our National Director of PR & Marketing Communications David Barkoe at

To secure your seat at this exclusive event, click on the RSVP here button below.

Looking forward to seeing you on October 4th at the W Union Square


The Quick

I am often asked what value mobile Web platforms, like Netbiscuits, offer with HTML 5 looming on the horizon. Just today a large CPG asked for help positioning our solution to their various brand managers around the world. Here is my response.


“Marketing is putting together a short deck on how Netbiscuits works with HTML 5, not against it. Our primary stance is that as developers explore using an HTML 5 strategy for mobile the complexity grows rapidly. The number of JS libraries and toolkits required to service the increasingly fragmented market using a yet to be finalized standard becomes almost unmanageable. And when you spread this across multiple divisions in a large organization such as yours, inconsistencies and variations grow exponentially.

By using our platform (which works with HTML 5,) your mobile strategy stays consistent across the board and avoids having each division splintering off with its own home-grown solution.”


As the title implies this is just a quick response to a very complicated issue. More to come soon.