The iPad-only Test

Even after owning an iPad for the last 5 years, I still find myself marveling at what it can do. Accounts of tech enthusiasts going ‘full iPad’ have been around for a while (here is one of my favorites,) so I thought it was time to try it myself. I picked up the Logitech Ultra Slim Keyboard (refurbished) from Amazon, and for the next few days my laptop will be used solely for media playback. More to come on my iPad experience soon. 

Initial impressions:

  • I already like the keyboard (a lot.) 
  • My iPad Air may be a bit underpowered as switching apps seems a little slow.
  • Keyboard navigation for the MacOS version of Reeder (my RSS app of choice) are not supported on the iOS version.

New site – KempSF

I want to share a combination of personal and professional information in one place. LinkedIn does well for professional info, Facebook is more personal, and Twitter crosses in both areas. Still, none do what I want, so I built a new site, KempSF. It’s a work in progress, but it does provide a more balanced perspective on who I am. Check it out.


KempSF Kemp Mullaney

Side Project: D1 Lab SF

D1 Lab SF

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been building a site using our platform, DudaOne. The site was originally just an exercise in using some of our latest features. As I added more content it grew and took on a life of its own.

I don’t have any long-term plans for the site, but for now I’d like to add one to two articles a week and get some feedback from our partners.

Check out

It’s Here – iOS 7

iOS 7
iOS 7

It’s here and the most noticeable affect is the instant aging of any apps that have not been updated.

On the whole I’m very happy with the update, though I have only had it for a few hours. I have two complaints worth noting.

1. I find myself accidentally activating Spotlight search a fair bit. This may be the result of lazy swiping on my part.

2. Folders are designed to take on the background color which almost causes them to blend into the background (especially on the iPad.) While not a functional issue, it’s an aesthetic I’ll just have to get used to in iOS 7.

iOS 7 Folders on the iPad
iOS 7 Folders on the iPad

So far I haven’t experienced any issue with the update on my iPhone 5 or my iPad 4. This looks like another win for Apple.

New DudaMobile Editor!

Right on the heals of our site redesign comes the brand new DudaMobile Editor. The new user interface is designed to speed mobile site development and we added some cool new features.


Page Templates

The new site builder has a powerful tool called Add a Page. Build a new page from scratch with professionally designed templates such as About Us, a Photo Gallery, Product pages and more.

New Backgrounds

It’s your mobile site so it should look the way you want. Over 30 new backgrounds to customize your site even more.
Get a tour of the ins and outs of our new editor and learn how to build mobile websites like a pro. Join us for a webinar.

Thursday, Feb 28th
11 am PT

Wednesday, March 6th
11 am PT

New gig: DudaMobile

I’m happy to announce that I have taken a new position at DudaMobile! As Partner Sales Manager I will be working to bring on new distribution partners and resellers of our platform.

DudaMobile is working to bring the mobile web to all. Now everyone from small business owners to web developers to resellers can quickly develop rich mobile web sites.

Here’s how it works.

Head to and plug in your URL. The platform then does the heavy lifting of reviewing your site and optimizing it for mobile browsing. Your logo, images, and pages are all updated for mobile on the fly.

Once the platform is done, you are presented with a feature-rich editor; change the navigation, update the color scheme, move and edit pictures and text. It’s all there. We also provide integrations with popular services like Twitter and YouTube.

Once you’re set, you publish your site, set-up a redirect and you are good to go! Your mobile site will stay in sync with your existing site.

And all of this is free.

If you opt for the premium service we add features like click-to-call and integrations with OpenTable, Google AdSense, Yelp, PayPal, and more.

Additional services include our own professional services team, Hire a Pro and marketing services with our Search Advertising experts.

For resellers we have a comprehensive package that includes training, private labeled tools, support and discounted pricing.

The more I use the platform the more it impresses me and I am looking forward to working with the team. If you want to learn more, please email me at