Untappd Adds Support for Gowalla with Footfeed

Untappd announced their partnership with Footfeed today. From the Untappd blog:

We’re proud to announce that we’re teamed up with the popular location-based check-in service Footfeed to bring you another way to share where you’re drinking with your friends. Powered by Footfeed’s multi check-in API, as of today, when a user checks into a beer at a bar with Untappd, they can now check-in to Gowalla in addition to the current support for Foursquare.

Check out Footfeed’s blog post for more information.

Check.in Combats Location-Based App Fatigue

Location-based check-in applications seem to be the hottest thing in mobile, and the big players, like Facebook, are hinting that they will be joining the fray with their own check-in features soon. With this proliferation of choices, users are put in the position of selecting which service they want to use and when they use it.

Along comes Check.in by Brightkite, an HTML-based check-in aggregator. The site currently supports Brightkite (naturally,) Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl and TriOut by using their API’s to check-in, broadcast your location and earn your points/virtual goods.

While the benefit is clear to anyone using more than one of these services, what concerns me is the ‘fixed’ nature of Check.in. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a big fan of Foursquare. While I have dabbled with Gowalla, MyTown, Yelp and others, I keep coming back to Foursquare. Most of my friends are on Foursquare, it is integrated with the social networks I use and each check-in can be customized.

The last point is of key importance to me. When I check-in using the foursquare application or mobile site I can hide my location, add a comment, and chose to publish that information on Facebook and/or Twitter. Being able to control my online social identity makes Foursquare more valuable to me and will keep me playing the game. Check.in allows you to set some of these parameters, but it does not allow you to turn them off and on at will which prevents me from continuing to use the service.

Still, this is a nice, purely Web-based solution to if you need to check-in to multiples services without controlling the information you are publishing.

Go to check.in for a video and instructions.

Read more at Techcrunch.

How Companies Can Use Twitter Correctly

The more I read Mashable, the more they impress me. Most recently, their article titled Finding the Right “Brand Voice” on Twitter, by Kai Turner, tells companies how to look at the microblogging service and how Twitter users want companies (or brands as Kai puts it) to behave.

The most important lesson in my opinion, is no. 3, DO Let It All Hang Out. Twitter users want a HUMAN voice behind the brands using the service. Sure, coupons, discounts and sweepstakes are nice, but if you use Twitter, like a Sunday circular, you conversation becomes a one way street and you will not get anything back from your most valuable asset – followers of your brand.

Finding the Right “Brand Voice” on Twitter