Who’s tracking whom?

ghosteryAfter being mentioned on Daring Fireball and The Loop I decided to install the Ghostery extension for Safari. You may think you know who’s tracking you, but I bet the results would surprise the average person online.

There’s been a swell of posts on ad tracking and blocking recently. Will it be enough to trigger a change? John Gruber wrote on Daring Fireball:

It’s not just about privacy. There are other costs: network bandwidth (which for many of us is metered on cellular), page load times, and increased CPU usage, are real costs — paid entirely by the visitors to websites.

[Update] After writing this post I checked my own site and will be deleting some plugins and most of the other trackers I found.

Beta Launch: inSite plugin for WordPress


Today we launched the beta of our new WordPress plugin, inSite. Based on the website personalization tool built into our responsive site builder, DudaOne, inSite makes it easy to set up triggers and actions on WordPress sites. Current triggers include location, device type, time, frequency of visit and campaign URL. Any of these can trigger a new element, notification bar, custom JavaScript, HTML or a special effect.

The plugin also allows developers to build their own inSite triggers and actions and submit them to our online catalog.

Check out inSite.io for more on how you can download the beta.

inSite Catalog
The inSite Catalog